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地  址:廣東省惠州市惠城區小金口柏崗村尾一路14
電  話:0752-5781702
傳  真:0752-3083866

郵  箱:sales03@bzxin.com;




   “質量第一、信譽至上、服務客戶、不斷創新”,這是惠州市創鋒科技有限公司的一貫堅持,未來,公司將進行加大研發投入,提供自主創新能力,是新產品開 發能力持續提升,公司業績持續增長。為打造百年企業而努力追求,不斷超越,以專業的水準,精益求精的態度,立足珠三角,放眼全世界。



With amounts of investment and relocation from Zhongkai hi-tech Zone to Xiaojinkou Banggang Village , we constantly promote our capability. We are devoted to precise metal product production and development, Canon, Nikon,TCL,Sunwoda, SCUD,etc. international or domestic famous companies are our main customers. Through continuous optimization and integration, strengthening the product and process development independently, we are not a single process anymore but established a comprehensive industrial structure. The products cover a wide range of industries, such as notebook, touch pen, OA equipment, pilotless aircraft, smart mobile phone, mobile power pack, battery, electronic cigarette, etc. We committed to the development and production of precision metal parts products.


“Quality first, Credibility, Customer service, Continuous innovation” isour fundamental. To promote our new product and process development capability and company business, we will continues increasing investment in R&D to improve the innovation ability. Huizhou Chuangfeng Tech Corporation Ltd aims to be a Century’s standing enterprise. We will continuously surpass standing on the high-class professional standards with the attitude of perfection.


Cooperation, Innovation, transcendence, Huizhou Chuangfeng Tech Corporation Ltd hand in hand with you.



版權所有 ? 惠州市富池精工股份有限公司  備案編號:粵ICP備15092906

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